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(Kinston Christmas Parade 2011)

It won’t stop snowing at Santa Land –
blowing and snowing for weeks no end.
The elves can’t make any toys –
to bring about Christmas joys.

Never so much snow before –
it takes all day to clear one door
Tools in shed they can’t get to –
how they want a sky clear blue.

Santa’s call for help was heard –
and RADD worked hard to spread the word.
We gathered many, many toys –
for all the good girls and boys.

So Santa does not have to cry –
for far below his snowy sky,
there is a wonder, east of Raleigh –
a bright and cheerful Christmas trolley!

Santa is so very glad –
grateful to his crew from RADD!
And once again he is so jolly –
happy with our Christmas trolley!

NOTE: all toys on the trolley are donated and will be delivered to the Salvation Army.

R.A.D.D. Summer Camp

This year, RADD hosted camp for two weeks!  One of the weeks was an art camp.  RADD had talented campers who produced wonderful works of art (such as the one here)!

Plans to sell the paintings at the Really Awesome Dog Day event had to be put on hold until next spring due to Hurricane Irene.  However, they will be featured at the RADD Dog Day in the spring and you will get the chance to see these great works in person!