January Activities Review

Penny Instructing Cardinals

Penny instructing the class for Art on January 16

January is almost finished, but RADD still has One more Kickball game on Saturday, January 27! 


Art class was a success on Tuesday, January 16th. Penny helped our Artist create a male and female cardinal and helped them paint the birds on snowy branches to remind us of all the snow we have been receiving in Eastern North Carolina!


RADD’s “Winter Wonderland” dance was tested with attendance from the snow that came the night prior, but on Thursday, January 18th our Party/Dance crowd came to enjoy music, snacks, and refreshments! What a great crowd!

Kickball OFFICIALLY started on Saturday, January 20 at the Mock Gym in Kinston and there was a large number that participated! Shirts were handed out and after the game, snacks and drinks were shared!


Waterless Snow Globes

Just in case RADD’s individuals were not too tired from the snow, they made “Waterless Snow Globes” with mason jars, trees, glitter, and woodland animals. 


Remember, Galaxy Sports has bowling every Wednesday!!! Come enjoy the fun!

Ron Albertson Bowling

Bowling! Trying to pick up the Spare! Go team, GO!



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