(Kinston Christmas Parade 2011)

It won’t stop snowing at Santa Land –
blowing and snowing for weeks no end.
The elves can’t make any toys –
to bring about Christmas joys.

Never so much snow before –
it takes all day to clear one door
Tools in shed they can’t get to –
how they want a sky clear blue.

Santa’s call for help was heard –
and RADD worked hard to spread the word.
We gathered many, many toys –
for all the good girls and boys.

So Santa does not have to cry –
for far below his snowy sky,
there is a wonder, east of Raleigh –
a bright and cheerful Christmas trolley!

Santa is so very glad –
grateful to his crew from RADD!
And once again he is so jolly –
happy with our Christmas trolley!

NOTE: all toys on the trolley are donated and will be delivered to the Salvation Army.